Genia Air : The ideal system for low-energy, well-insulated buildings

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Genia Air : The ideal system for low-energy, well-insulated buildings
Wednesday, December 18, 2013Description :
Genia Air is an autonomous air / water heat pump with exceptional capacity to maximize efficiency using minimum power.

Ecology at the heart of the system
Genia Air is an environmentally friendly heating system that intelligently and simply combines electric energy (30%) and energy from the air (70%), with maximum efficiency for heating and hot water ( optional). Genia Air combines a heat pump and an electrical module, driven by an intelligent management unit, the Examaster.

Innovative efficiency
The Examaster controls the system to achieve the desired level of comfort without ever exceeding 6 kW of power consumption, making modifications to the electrical installation rarely necessary. If the heat pump can not supply the power required to meet the heating requirement, then an electrical resistor (maximum power of 6kW) automatically comes into relief. Genia Air heat pumps benefit from the Inverter DC power modulation which offers even more reactivity, power and while limiting energy consumption.

Comfort and savings
At the forefront of the trend of combining ecology and economy, Genia Air ensures a high level of comfort at the lowest cost to the user for heating and domestic hot water production (optional).
Its ability to optimize calories makes it a perfect solution for well-insulated or low-energy homes. For a reasoned investment, you benefit from an autonomous, reliable and ecological, silent and aesthetic installation.

Take advantage of the tax credit (according to the law of finance in force).

Genia Air is no longer satisfied with the heating, but also guarantees your hot water

With the FE 300 SC, Genia Air becomes a solution for heating and domestic hot water. Thanks to its heat pump and its intelligent piloting, Genia Air is the ideal solution in the new to ensure your daily needs at an optimized cost.

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