Flamco T-plus: Branches can be made much easier

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Saturday, June 2, 2018Description :
Expanding, converting or overhaul existing installations can often cause disruption. That’s because the system normally has to be taken out of operation in order to install a branch. This is necessary to drain off water from the system, or to freeze the water in the pipes. After all, you can’t simply drill into pipes under pressure and through which water is flowing. But bringing the production process to a standstill is time-consuming and costly, making it extremely undesirable. The T-plus saves installation time and costs and has a positive effect on the lifespan of an installation. Simply because the installation doesn’t have to be drained and refilled, and the water also doesn’t have to be frozen. That prevents any new air and dirt in the system, and thus also any breakdowns. Another benefit is the certainty of a perfect branch thanks to the smart cutting mechanism (the trigger). Even where space is restricted. The gaskets also ensure the best possible seals, reducing the possibility of leaks to zero. The main benefits: - Saves installation time and costs. - Create branches while the system is still in operation. - Draining is not necessary, thus preventing any new air and dirt in the system. - Always a perfect branch due to the the trigger. - Easy to create a branch, even where space is restricted. - Optimum sealing in the pipes. - Corrosion-resistant coating. - Easy pre-assembly with click-in nuts (for models from 1½").

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